Our Expertise 

Intellectual Property (IP) rights are valuable business assets and, if left unprotected, could leave businesses open to serious free-riding and reputational damage, or even collapse. Your IP makes you stand out.

We possess world-class IP, litigation, transactional and regulatory services to help you protect your distinctiveness. Having been practising for well over half a century, we have encountered practically every situation involving IP.

Trade Marks

A trade mark protects your brand names, logos and taglines. Our practitioners possess enviable expertise in managing the registration of trade marks before the Registries of the UK, EU and internationally. We are accustomed to overcoming official objections and third-party oppositions so as to prosecute applications successfully through to registration. Read more


Patents protect inventions. As patent practitioners, we provide guidance on when patent protection is essential and, when our technical background permits, draft specifications and deal with official objections after filing. For inventions relating to disciplines beyond our knowledge, such as electronics and pharmacy, and for protection in foreign countries, we work closely with selected patent attorneys to achieve the desired outcomes. Read more


Copyright offers protection for literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works. Copyright may reside in logos, designs, decoration and appearance of goods, website content, typefaces, set-up of shops, marketing material, photographs, computer software and databases. Read more

Registered Designs and Unregistered Design Rights

The pleasing appearance of a product and its packaging is just as valuable as the brand name under which it is sold. Our specialists can explain the different forms of design protection available and help you protect your original designs worldwide. We deal with the protection and enforcement of registered and unregistered design rights. Read more


Counterfeiting presents a global threat to trade mark owners and their ability to profit from the investment in their brands. It seriously affects income but can also result in lost consumer confidence and a tarnished reputation. Read more

Cyber Law

Whether a third party has copied any element of your online editorial content, videos, music, graphics, photographs or artistic works, or whether a third party has reproduced your trademark or a similar variation on an e-commerce platform or on social media, our experienced practitioners can act to ensure that your Intellectual Property (IP) rights are secure and any infringements or unauthorised reproductions are challenged. Read more

Confidential Information

In a technological world, where methods of communication are constantly being enhanced, the likelihood of confidential information being divulged is rapidly increasing. Our practitioners have a proven record of protecting our clients’ confidential information, such as commercial operations, manufacturing know-how and client lists. Read more