Data Privacy

New data protection legislation became law on 25th May 2018. It is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and imposes greater regulatory control over personal data than previous data protection legislation and is designed to strengthen data protection for individuals.

We at Trade Mark Consultants Co. (TMC) take data protection seriously and this policy advises how we hold and use our clients’ data that we store in order to fulfil our contractual obligations with our clients.

What data do we hold?

We hold the following client data :-

  • Personal, business, company, contact and domain names

  • Addresses

  • Phone numbers

  • Fax numbers

  • E-mail addresses

  • Case files

  • International property rights (IP)

Where is the data held?

  • Hard copy records are stored in our offices on secured and alarmed premises.

  • Electronic records are stored on professionally supported hardware on our premises.

How is the data used?

  • To provide IP services which we have contractually agreed to provide to our clients.

  • To contact our clients for legitimate business needs.

We will never use our clients’ data for commercial purposes nor share the data with third parties unless legally required to do so or to carry out our clients’ instructions.

How long do we hold the data?

  • We hold the data for as long as a client remains our client.

  • We retain IP records for at least 6 years after the IPs expire or are transferred.

Handling and security of data

  • Hard copy case files are stored in secure and alarmed office premises.

  • Electronic records are stored securely on TMC servers and computers which are encrypted and password protected.

  • Systems are protected with authentication mechanisms which require login details, only issued to authorised persons.

Clients’ Rights

GDPR requires us to respond promptly to clients’ requests to provide information  about data which we store about them and to delete such information from our systems and records unless it needs to be retained for legal purposes.

Trade Mark Consultants Co. is the registered trade mark and business name of Trade Mark Consultants Limited.